Cross Fitness:

I am a young IT professional, leading a stressful work life. I used to be an active sports person during my school and college days, but was not able to continue after I began to work. This led to me gaining weight and in addition, I began to suffer from hormonal balance problem. This led to me gaining 10 kilos within a span of one year.
I began exercising and dieting to address the weight gain, but my techniques were not effective. I visited doctors to address the problem, but was not happy with the result as there was very little improvement.

Bio Cross-FITT was recommended to me by a friend and I met with the team and explained my challenges. They did a thorough evaluation of my strength and fitness levels.

I was then put on a customized program to increase muscle flexibility and strength. I began witnessing positive signs, where I started feeling less tired during the day. I also started losing weight and I could clearly experience the increase in my fitness level. This gave me a lot of confidence and I continued to focus on achieving overall fitness.
After spending 6 months at Biocross Fit, today I can confidently say that I have regained my sporty physique and I am currently focusing on crossfit fitness training to increase my fitness levels further.

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