Pre and post natal fitness program

Pre-natal Program:

To benefit moms and yet to be born kids, we have created customized routines that will help to strengthen up the muscles, create and maintain a good mind and body balance.

The mother’s body experiences dramatic changes and a carefully designed exercise program is needed to manage those physiological changes effectively. Although the changes that occur naturally are not permanent, a well-planned exercise program that is practiced regularly will be beneficial for the mother and the baby during delivery.We focus on strengthening the transverse abdominal muscle, the inner core muscle that plays the key role during delivery. Along with this, we combine strength training for the overall body.

Our routines, which are a combination of stretches, yoga and breathing will help young mothers in reducing the stress and managing the weight gain through the pregnancy and prepare them for the labour and delivery.

Post-natal Program:

Being fit during pregnancy is just not enough to tackle the role of a new mother. That is why we help young mothers with customized routines to handle the changes in the body.

We focus on helping the young mother to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, stimulate blood circulation to help increase the appetite, reduce the lower back pain and speed up the restoration of the body shape.

We also equip them with techniques to maintain the correct body posture and take care of their back.
Our customized routines to suit each individual, will help the young mothers to get rid of the excess accumulated weight and regain their fitness level quickly.

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