Lean Muscle Mass

I joined Bio Cross-FITT last November with a goal to lose extra fat and build lean muscle mass. An athlete and fitness conscious person during my college days, I used to weigh around 58 kilos, but once I joined the corporate world, the work pressure and lifestyle affected my fitness levels and health.

In the last ten years, I gained 20 kilos and weighed 78. In addition, I had developed a back pain, which continued even after multiple treatments. When I approached Bio Cross-FITT to gain back my fitness, lean muscle mass and lose the extra fat, I was first put through an extensive evaluation to understand my fitness levels.

The experts at Bio Cross-FITT then designed a customized program to suit me, which involved, a healthy diet recommendation, simple but effective exercise routines including Aerobics, Yoga, Kalari and Weights.
The program began with relieving me from my back-pain. During the physiotherapy session, they used trigger point release technique with medicine ball, which was effective in pain relief. This was combined with muscle strength and flexibility program that helped to decrease the pain.

In parallel, I was taught a Kalari and Yoga routine that helped in bringing down the tightness of the muscles and increased flexibility. Once I became completely relived of pain and my body became flexible, the experts put me on weights and functional training to build lean muscle.

Throughout the program, I was guided to follow a high protein, low carbohydrate and low fat diet, which benefitted my training immensely.

With the personalized guidance and support of experts at Bio Cross-FITT, I was able to lose 10 kilos within a short span of four months and become fit. I am now proud of my well-toned body and have gained good lean muscle mass, which has made me completely fit and healthy.

I am continuing my fitness journey Bio Cross-FITT to achieve my fitness goals and I am confident that with their support and personalized attention, I will be able to reach them successfully.

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