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What we do


BIO CROSS-FITT is a unique training program that combines simple routines that are customized to address the fitness needs of an individual.

Our Philosophy…

We believe that fitness of an individual is NOT dependent on training with external equipment’s. It is a proven fact that our day-today functional movements, when carried out by using correct postures and breathing techniques can help us achieve the highest fitness levels.

Secret to fitness…

The fitness of an individual is dependent on four factors.

  1. Adequate quantity of blood in the body
  2. Adequate vitamin levels in the body
  3. Proper circulation of blood across the body ..
  4. Power of mind

50% Food + 50% Exercise = 100% Fitness

A well balanced diet with correct eating patterns can help with reaching adequate blood and vitamin levels.

In addition, a well-prescribed exercise routine comprising of functional movements and yoga will help to achieve proper blood circulation and increase the power of mind.

Our Methodology…

Since the life style, type of work and the food habits of an individual directly affects the fitness level we begin with a scientific evaluation of the individual’s bio mechanical function.

During the evaluation, we study the flexibility, strength, endurance and the body balance of the individual, along with their food habits, work profile and life style.

We then create a customized routine to address the needs of the individual. Along with this, we prescribe a routine to correct and enhance their food habits.

Our tailor-made routine that is based on the principle of Frequency, Intensity, Timing & Type of the body (FITT) helps individuals to achieve their fitness goals effectively.

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