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We offer just more that fitness…

Not only is our approach unique, but also are our services. Our service bouquet is also customized to suit the different needs of our customers.

Pain Management

If you are in pain, do not hesitate to come to us. Our Pain Management program includes rehabilitation, physiotherapy and home visits if needed.

Weight Loss

Walk in now if you are looking for an effective Weight Loss Our approach and methodology guarantees not only loss of weight, but also a significant gain in fitness


We offer Physiotherapy as part of our portfolio to help our customers to recover from pains and injuries.


If you are a believer in old traditional techniques to stay healthy, look no further. We teach Yoga in all forms, be it the time tested traditional version or the most modern and modified versions of power and kids yoga.

Corporate Fitness

If you are a human resource professional, who is focused on creating a healthy and happy workforce, call us today. We have a complete Corporate Fitness Package that includes floor fitness sessions (functional training), yoga sessions, boot camp, cross fit sessions, pain management, nutrition consultation and guidance.

An outdoor fitness class in support of good health.

Cross FITT

If you are a fitness freak, join our Cross FITT program today and benefit from our unique and proven methodology.

General Fitness

For the health conscious individual, who just wants to maintain a good health, we offer General Fitness

Children Fitness

If you are one of those parent, who want to teach their children the benefits of a healthy & fit lifestyle, do visit us with your child for the Children Fitness.

Lean Muscle Mass

Look no further, if you want to build your Lean Muscle Mass. We will help you to sculpt your body and look both fit and attractive.

Boot Camp and Group Classes

We also offer Boot Camp and Group Classes. So, if you want to get-together with a team of like-minded fitness oriented people and work out, call us today.

Pre-natal & Post-natal program

For expectant mothers, we offer Pre-natal & Post-natal program with routines that will help with easy delivery of the child and a fast recovery of health and fitness post baby’s birth.

Nutritional Guidance

Fitness cannot be achieved without proper food. Therefore, we offer Nutritional Guidance to help individuals to stay healthy & fit.

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