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Research has proven that sitting for long hours can lead to number of health issues. Sitting continuously for more than eight hours can cause strained neck, swayed back and even disc damage.There is also increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular problems, muscle degeneration and leg related ailments.It is also proven that uninterrupted sitting leads to increase in stress levels and creates imbalance in the spinal structure.

Simple techniques can relieve you of the pain and the ensuing bad effects…

Many organizations are now focusing towards providing an ergonomical work space and are working on reviewing the working methods to improve employee health conditions.If you a HR professional working towards helping your employees stay in good health and be.

We can put-together a floor fitness session that helps your employees to stay healthy and happy. We will help your employees with simple workout routines that will last for 10 minutes. This routine that is done without moving away from their workstation / area will be immensely beneficial in reducing their stress levels and avoid health issues related to sitting.

In addition, we offer comprehensive corporate wellness programs that can help in enhancing health & productivity, such as…
• Floor fitness session
Yoga Session
• Pain Management
• Boot Camp
CrossFITT Session
• Nutrition consultation & guidance session
Call us now and we will help you to maintain a healthy workforce!

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